Holy Resurrection Church

Sifton, Manitoba

Holy Resurrection Church

Diocese: Archdiocese of Canada

Deanery: Manitoba-Saskatchewan Deanery

Mailing address:

c/o Mrs Mary Babee
Sifton, MB R0L 1X0

Parish Contacts

No contact information is currently available.

Schedule of Services

Divine Liturgy is served once a year.

Parish Background

The picturesque Church was constructed by the parishioners themselves, and was directly associated with the Ascension Monastery, Orphanage, and Pastoral School, which were situated just outside the town, to the west.  At the time, the land was populated by many Ukrainian immigrants, and the Monastery served them and many other nearby Churches.  Archbishop Arseny (Chahovtsov) was instrumental in the development of this monastery, orphanage, and pastoral school.  The Monastery persisted until the 1960s.  The depopulation of the rural areas particularly affected the Sifton area, and this was exacerbated by the aging of those remaining.