St. John the Baptist Church

South Boston, Massachusetts

Founded 1936


INACTIVE; Temple destroyed by fire.

Community attending services at St. George Cathedral until further notice.

Diocese: Albanian Archdiocese

Deanery: Massachusetts Deanery

Mailing address:

143 Dorchester St
Box 125
South Boston, MA 02127

Office: 617-268-1275

Parish Contacts

PO Box 304
West Groton, MA 01472

Parish Background

St. John the Baptist Church was established on December 16, 1934.  The first liturgy was celebrated at the Paine Memorial Hall on Appleton Street in the South end of Boston by Rev. Dhosi Katundi.  For several years various halls in the area were used.  In 1940, St John’s was able to rent the Charles Street Meeting House on the corner of Charles and Mount Vernon Streets on Beacon Hill.  In the spring of 1948 a long awaited dream was realized when St. John’s purchased St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church at 410 West Broadway, South Boston, MA.  Of significant interest is the fact that the bell which now hangs in the belfry of St. John’s had once hung in Faneuil Hall.  The bell was recast in 1865 and moved to the new building at 410 West Broadway (St. John’s) where it hangs today.  One can still hear the beautiful peal of the bell when it is rung on special occasions.  The organ was moved to new building in 1867.

The first choir was organized in 1937 and continues to sing beautiful today.  The Daughters of Saint John was established in 1944.  The Daughters have played an important role in the success of the Church.  They continue to carry on the ancient customs and traditions of the Albanian people.  The exquisite Iconostasis was designed and built in 1957 by Paul (Toli) Adams.  In 1960, Mr. Adams also built the handsome Bishop’s throne, which he donated to the Church.  Both are works of sacred art which have been greatly admired through the years.  In 1970, St. John’s joined the Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese which was accepted in the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of America in 1971.

Today, 70 years since it’s inception, the sons and daughters of the founders of St. John’s, together with the devoted parishioners, continue the legacy of their forefathers in their commitment to the preservation and perpetuity of St. John’s.