St. Raphael Mission

Temecula, California

Founded 2011


Call for time/location of Divine Services and other meetings.

Diocese: Diocese of the West

Deanery: Missionary District

Mailing address:

c/o 2042 NW Harriman St
Bend OR 97703-1317

Parish Contacts

Mobile: 602-418-2982


General Location

Temecula is one hour north of San Diego, and south of Riverside, just off I-15. Our new mission parish is holding Divine Services at a temporary location k so please call if you wish to attend or arrange for a visit with Fr. Damian.

Parish Background

Originally founded to serve the Hemet area, the mission moved to a temporary location for one year in Canyon Lake. The mission is now restarting its efforts here in Temecula and shifting our attention to outreach for the non-orthodox. Our vision is establishing an Orthodox witness, sharing the fullness of the Faith with the hundreds of thousands of people who live in the Temecula Valley – from Perris to Escondido.

The first step is our move to co-locate at Holy Resurrection Monastery (Romanian, OCA) where we can bring people to into an Orthodox Ethos that is beyond the means of a typical start-up mission. We are extremely thankful to the monastic community here, for their hospitality in making room for us. The next step will be trying to open our mission center. Our first proposal on how to do this is a bold, but successful model that has brought Orthodoxy to many. If we are blessed with donors and benefactors, we will open an Orthodox Christian Bookstore and Coffeehouse… ideally right in Old Town Temecula.