Venerable Nicephorus of Vazheozersk

Saint Nicephorus of Vazhe Lake came to St Alexander of Svir (April 17) in the year 1510 and was warmly received by him. In 1518 he made a visit, with the blessing of his mentor, to St Cyril of New Lake (February 4). When Nicephorus approached New Lake, he was fatigued by his long journey and lay down in the darkness and fell asleep.

St Cyril through hastened by boat to row across the lake and awoke him. St Nicephorus spent eight days in spiritual conversation with the saint. Nicephorus then journeyed to Kiev to venerate the relics of the saints of the Caves.

Upon his return, and with the blessing of St Alexander, he settled at Vazhe Lake, where St Gennadius pursued asceticism. St Nicephorus built the Church of the Transfiguration and a monastery, where he lived until his own death.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, in the Zadne-Nikiforov wilderness, a church was built and dedicated to Sts Nicephorus and Gennadius of Vazhe Lake. The relics of the saints were put to rest in a hidden place in the monastery they founded.