Martyr Terence and 39 others of Carthage

Saint Terence was from Syria, and suffered for Christ with his wife Neonilla and their seven children Sabelus, Photius, Theodoulus, Vele, Hierax, Nitus, and Eunice. They were denounced as Christians and brought before the authorities for interrogation.

The saints confessed Christ and mocked the pagan gods, even as their sides were raked with iron hooks. Vinegar was poured into their wounds, which were then set afire. The saints encouraged one another and prayed to God to help them. He sent angels to free them from their bonds and to heal their wounds.

Then the saints were thrown to the wild beasts, who became gentle and did not harm them. Afterward, they were thrown into a cauldren filled with hot pitch, but they were not burned. Seeing that nothing could harm the saints, the pagans beheaded them.