Texts for Liturgical Services

The texts of the propers sung at Vespers (stichera on "Lord I call," Litya, Aposticha, Troparia and Kontakia that change daily according to either the day of the week or particular day of the month). Texts are "pointed" to be sung according to the tonal patterns of the Common Chant (L'vov-Bakhmetev Obikhod, 1869 edition). Texts are formatted in MS Word. Print these pages for your use in liturgical worship!

February 24

First and Second Finding of the Head of John the Baptist
(Service to St John the Baptist is transferred to the preceding Sunday)

February 27

Thursday of Cheesefare
Repose of St Raphael, Bishop of Brooklyn
(Service to St Raphael is transferred to February 28)

March 16

Monday of the Fourth Week of the Great Fast
Martyr Sabinas of Egypt
Vespers (sung on Sunday)

“You / Your” Version

March 19

Thursday – Martyrs Chrysanthus and Daria
Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts (sung on Wednesday)

“You / Your” Version

March 24

Forefeast of the Annunciation
Vespers (sung on Monday)
[Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete]

March 25

Annunciation of our Most-holy Lady, Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary
Vespers (sung on Tuesday)

March 26

Leavetaking of the Annunciation
Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel
Vespers (sung on Wednesday)

March 28

Fifth Saturday of Great Lent
Saturday of the Akathistos to the Most Holy Theotokos

"You/Your" Version
Liturgy of the Presanctifed Gifts (sung on Friday)
Vespers alone

"Thou/Thy" Version
Liturgy of the Presanctifed Gifts (sung on Friday)
Vespers alone

March 29

Fifth Sunday of Great Lent/Tone 1
St Mary of Egypt

March 30

Monday of the Sixth Week of the Great Fast
Venerable John Climacus
Vespers (sung on Sunday)

March 31

Monday of the Fifth Week of the Great Fast
Repose of St Innocent, Enlightener of the Aleuts and Apostle to the Americas
Vespers (sung on Monday)