Diocese of Alaska launches new web site

The Diocese of Alaska had a special reason to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day this year as its new web site made it’s debut on Thursday, November 22, 2001.

The site, which may be accessed at http://www.AlaskanChurch.org, was the idea of His Grace, Bishop Nikolai, who was recently elected by the Holy Synod of Bishops to fill the vacant See of Sitka and Alaska.

“The site will be an ongoing work project so that we may offer an opportunity to view some of the life here in Alaska, our Church’s oldest diocese and the historic See of Saint Innocent,” Bishop Nikolai says. “It will offer an opportunity to see diocesan life in the parishes from my eyes as I make visitations. It will also offer an experience of life at Saint Herman Seminary, where today we have eleven full-time students. And it will offer the opportunity to offer prayers and other kinds of support, financial as well as personal, in heping to build and rebuild.”

The site features galleries of photographs from various events in the life of the diocese, a directory of clergy and parishes, a calendar of diocesan events, and photos and archives of the Diocesan Assembly held in October 2001, at which delegates unanimously nominated Bishop Nikolai as Bishop of Sitka and Alaska.

A number of other resources will be featured in the coming months, including Alaskan liturgical music and texts in PDF format.

Mr. Robert Czech of the OCA’s web team was responsible for developing the web site.