The 14th All-American Council

Our Church and the Future

The 14th All-American Council
Toronto, Ontario, Canada · July 17 - 22, 2005


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Forms and Memos

Memorandum from Protopresbyter Robert S. Kondratick

Memorandum from Protopresbyter Robert S. Kondratick

(Attire, Protocol, Breakfasts)

Council Information and Tentative Schedule

F.O.S. Tours and Travel Flight Fares Information

Youth and Young Adult Information Flyer

Hotel Registration Form

Council Registration Form - Clergy and Lay Delegate

Council Registration Form - Retired Clergy and Clergy Widows

Council Registration Form - Observer

Council Registration Form - Youth Observer

Council Registration Form - Young Adult Observer [18+]

Papers and Memos

Cover Letter of Bishop Seraphim to Council Participants

Memo of Fr. Kondratick to all Clergy Delegates

Memo of Fr. Kondratick to all Lay Delegates


(to the Council Papers)

Vision and Identity Paper

Evangelizing North America Paper

(Please note on pg. 24 of the Evangelizing North America paper, that the top header of the table is missing on the hard copy. The header is available in this PDF version. We apologize for the printing error.)

Clergy Formation Paper

Orthodox Relations Paper

Parish Health Paper

The Church Ministries Report

Table of Contents


(pg. 1)

Church Ministry Departments

Department of Chaplaincies

(pg. 3-12)

Department of Christian Education

(pg. 13-14)

Department of Christian Witness and Service

(pg. 15-19)

Department of Communications

(pg. 20-23)

Department of Evangelization

(pg. 24-27)

Department of External Affairs

(pg. 28-29)

Department of Hist. & Archives

(pg. 30-33)

Department of Liturgical Music

(pg. 34-35)

Department of Pastoral Life

(pg. 36-39)

Department of Stewardship

(pg. 40-41)

Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards

(pg. 42)

Special Appeals

(pg. 43-46)

Department of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries

(pg. 47-53)

Church Ministry Offices

Office of Humanitarian Aid and Adoption Referral Services

(pg. 54-56)

Office of Benefits Programs

(pg. 57-58)

Office of Institutional Chaplains

(pg. 59-60)

Church Ministry Commissions

Canonization Commission

(pg. 61)

Commission on Canons and Statues

(pg. 62-63)

Medical / Ethics Commission

(pg. 64-65)

Church Ministry Committees

Committee on Late Vocations

(pg. 66)

Social Service Institutions and Organizations

SS. Cosmas and Damian Adult Home

(pg. 67-68)

Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America [FOCA]

(pg. 69)

St. Silhoun Retreat

(pg. 72)

Monastic Communities

Holy Assumption Monastery

(pg. 73)

Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery

(pg. 74-75)

Communities of New Skete

(pg. 76-78)

Monastery of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk

(pg. 79-80)

Holy Protection Monastery

(pg. 81-82)


St. Herman Seminary

(pg. 83-88)

St. Tikhon's Seminary

(pg. 89-92)

St. Vladimir's Seminary

(pg. 93-97)

Funding the Vision, Taking the Next Step

Financial Report and Fair Share Resolution

Pension Report

Delegate Handbook

Delegate Handbook

Liturgical Music for the 14th AAC Divine Liturgies

The Divine Liturgy

Exhibits / Displays

Exhibit / Vendor Assignments

Exhibit Hall Map

Profile of Parish Practices Results

This survey was prepared by the Rev. Jonathan Ivanoff and distributed amongst OCA clergy to gather information about the growth of their parishes.

Diocese of Alaska

Albanian Archdiocese

Bulgarian Diocese

Archdiocese of Canada

Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania

Diocese of the Midwest

Diocese of New England

Diocese of the South

Diocese of the West

All Dioceses

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"Good Growth" Parishes

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14th AAC Official Minutes

Official Minutes

(entire document in PDF format)