Dormition of the Theotokos

Dormition of the Theotokos
Index of liturgical music for the Dormition of the Theotokos (August 15)

Troparion and Kontakion

Troparion - (Obikhod)
Troparion - (Kiev Caves)
Troparion - (Byzantine Chant, Tone 1, Lawrence)
Troparion - (Serbian Chant)
Kontakion - (Obikhod)
Kontakion - (Byzantine Chant, Tone 2, Lawrence)
Kontakion - (Byzantine Chant, Tone 2, harm, 3 parts)
Kontakion - (Byzantine Chant, Tone 2, harm, 4 parts)
Kontakion - (Serbian Chant)


Lord I call - Tone 1 (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Lord I call - Tone 1 (Kievan, Ledkovsky)
Stichera on Lord I call (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Stichera on Lord I call (Kievan, Ledkovsky)
Stichera on Lord I call (Model Melody "Automelon")
Doxastichon - Tone 1 (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Doxastichon - Tone 1 (Kievan, Ledkovsky)

Stichera at the Litya (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Stichera at the Litya (Kievan, Ledkovsky)

Stichera at the Aposticha (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Stichera at the Aposticha (Kievan, Ledkovsky)
Doxastichon at the Aposticha (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Doxastichon at the Aposticha (Kievan, Ledkovsky)


Magnification (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Magnification (Znamenny, Ledkovsky)

Prokeimenon (Obikhod - N. Bakhmetev)
Prokeimenon (Lesser Znamenny)

Post-Gospel Sticheron (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Post-Gospel Sticheron (Kievan, Ledkovsky)

1st Kanon - Tone 1 (N. Bakhmetev)
Refrains (N. Bakhmetev)

2nd Kanon - Tone 4 (Lesser Kievan - Ledkovsky)
Refrains (Ledkovsky)

The Praises - Tone 4 (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
The Praises - Tone 4 (Kievan, Ledkovsky)
Stichera at the Praises (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Stichera at the Praises (Kievan, Ledkovsky)
Stichera at the Praises (Patterned Melodies "Podoben")
Doxastichon at the Praises (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Doxastichon at the Praises (Kievan, Ledkovsky)

Exapostilarion (Melody of the Kievan Monastery of the Caves)

Divine Liturgy

Prokeimenon - Tone 3 (Lvov-Bakhmetev) 
Prokeimenon - Tone 3 (Znamenny, A. Arkhangel'sky) 
Prokeimenon - Tone 3 (Serbian Chant) 

Hymn to the Theotokos (N. Bakhmetev) 
Hymn to the Theotokos (Serbian Chant) 

Communion Hymn (A. Arkhangel'sky) 
Communion Hymn (V. Morosan) 
Communion Hymn (Modern Greek, Lawrence)
Communion Hymn (Modern Greek, harm, Lawrence)
Communion Hymn (Serbian Chant)