Community Service

Identifying the community and its needs.
Serving the hungry, the homeless, the naked, the imprisoned - locally, internationally.
Visiting the sick, the shut-ins.

Eastern Orthodox Foundation Transitional Living Center

Volume I - 1987

Twenty years ago, a priest had a dream: to build a center to help the emotionally handicapped, the retarded, the alcoholic, parolees, and others to help themselves and to learn to function better in society and on their own. This was the beginning of the...

A Nursery School at the Parish

Volume II - 1986

Have you ever passed by your local Catholic or Protestant Church with its accompanying church-sponsored school only to ask yourself “Why can’t our church operate such a school?” Have you ever enrolled your child in a preschool program at one of these churches as...

No Small Change

Volume I - 1986

Many of us could probably grow considerably by reflecting upon our attitudes toward the disabled and persons with special needs. We begin here as we begin with any other issue, namely by rededicating ourselves to Christ and to the life process He has chosen and...

The Other Six and a Half Days

Volume I - 1986

Using Church Facilities for Community Programs On virtually any evening of the week, you can drive by St. Michael’s Orthodox Church in Van Nuys, California, and see the parking lot filled and the lights in the Hall burning. These are the indications that something...

Eyeglass Ministry

Volume I - 1985

If you have eyeglasses - in good condition - that you’re ready to discard —- DON’T! Through the services of Medical Group Mission, hundreds of doctors and volunteers receive used eyeglasses from donors throughout the United States and Canada, and with the aid...

Setting Up A Food Pantry For The Needy

Volume I - 1985

“For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you made me welcome….” (Matt. 25:35-36) Sometimes people find themselves in need of food or the money to buy it. While welfare and...

A Ministry To Orthodox Inmates

Volume I - 1985

Oxford Federal Correctional Institution is a medium-to-heavy security prison located in a very rural area in Central Wisconsin. Several years ago, David Giffey, an iconographer and parishioner of the Greek Orthodox Church in Madison, Wisconsin, had the inspiration to call the Roman Catholic chaplain at...

Ministry To Shut-Ins and Hospital Patients

Volume I - 1985

This guide is intended for laypeople who want their service in Christ’s Church to include visitation with those confined to home, elderly housing facilities, or hospitals. (For a Biblical reflection on this, see Matthew 25:31-46.) Lay involvement in this ministry is vitally important. While...

Military Lay Leadership Program

Volume I - 1985

Orthodox can be proud and reassured to know that today Orthodox chaplains are well represented in the Chaplaincy in the Armed Forces of our country. Currently there are 28 Orthodox chaplains on active duty and approximately 10 in the Reserves. There is a role in this program...

A Ministry Of Listening

Volume II - 1984

A brother asked a certain old man, saying, “There be two brothers, and one of them is quiet in his cell, and prolongs his fast for six days, and lays much burden on himself; but the other tends the sick. Whose work is the more...

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