Department of Christian Service and Humanitarian Aid

The Department of Christian Service and Humanitarian Aid promotes the involvement of clergy and laity in caring for the needs of others according to the Gospel teachings and Tradition of the Church. Resources are developed for ministry programs by and for people of all ages.

The department focuses on four areas: Parish Life, ministering to one another within our faith communities; Matthew 25 Outreach Ministries, serving those in need in the local, national and international communities; Senior Life, addressing the needs of both active and frail seniors; and Family Life, supporting parents and children in everyday life and in times of challenge.

Central to the work of the department is the OCA Resource Handbook for Ministries. It contains teachings on the theology of lay ministry and a wealth of articles written by clergy and laypeople describing their successful charitable outreach and ministry programs.  Practical applications are provided for parishes, parish organizations, deaneries and dioceses. New articles are posted on a regular basis.
The department collaborates with other OCA Church Ministries, members of the Orthodox jurisdictions in North America, and U.S. and worldwide humanitarian organizations on joint service projects. Large or small, every action taken in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ will bring human dignity and blessings both to those being served and to the servants.

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The Resource Handbook for Ministries

Compassion in Action: Parish Ministry Training