Parish Development

An Orthodox vision of the parish.
Parish administration and leadership.
Needs and talents assessment.
Education in the parish.
Parish fellowship and outreach.
Addressing special needs, and problems in the parish.
Groups, organizations and programs that contribute to parish life.
Parish growth.

Developing And Making Use of A Parish Profile

Volume I - 1986

Additional Resources: Parish Profile Worksheet, Ministry: An Explanation Strive to excel in building up the Church.” (I Cor. 14:12b) With these words, St. Paul underlined two profound thoughts. First, the Church is a living body; second, its members have a direct responsibility for its up-building,...

Stewardship Sign-Up Program

Volume I - 1986

Another system used to match parishioners’ talents with the work that needs to be done in the parish is shown in the Stewardship Sign-Up Program used in the smaller parish of St. Gregory’s, Wappinger Falls, N.Y., Fr. Alexis Vinogradov, pastor. This list shows...

The Handicapped and Orthodox Worship

Volume I - 1986

At the 8th All-American Council, the delegates passed a resolution submitted by the Lay Ministries Task Force on Ministry to Persons Who Are Sick and Disabled. It reads as follows:In cooperation with the Decade of the Disabled, proclaimed by the United Nations to be 198...

SAVES - A Service to Parishioners in Need

Volume I - 1986

St. Alexander Volunteer Effort Service - Helping Parishioners in Need Church Growth has been the focus of attention in our parish since the Seventh All-American Council. Our Women’s Association saw an opportunity and developed a program that came to be known as SAVES -...

Do’s And Don’ts Of Newspaper Photography

Volume I - 1985

Photographs are an important part of our efforts to publicize what parishes are doing. Here are some suggestions for using them to their best advantage. WHAT KIND OF FILM? (Use standard size prints.)1st preference: black and white 2nd preference: color (don’t get fooled...

Planning Retreats

Volume I - 1985

One way parishes, youth groups, and other church organizations have traditionally heightened their understanding and experience of the Church is by sponsoring an evening or day-long retreat. For some, planning a retreat provides exciting possibilities for stewardship, ministry, outreach, and fellowship; for others, the prospect...

The Communicator: Parish Publications

Volume I - 1984

Have you considered helping to produce your parish publications as a ministry? It is! But too often this area of the work of the Church is overlooked. Why? Possibly it has simply been lost in the shuffle. Or maybe no one has been willing to...

Ministries for Youth and Choirs

Volume I - 1984

A Lay Worker’s Experiences Introduction Since graduating from St. Vladimir’s Seminary in 1974. I have served the Orthodox Church, on a parish level, as a full-time choir director, and youth coordinator. While primarily working with choirs and young Orthodox Christians these past ten years,...

Letting People Know: Tips On Writing a First Impression

Volume I - 1984

Communication Piece About Your Parish What do people in your local community know about your parish? Are you communicating what you really want them to know? One of the most important ways visitors form impressions of your parish is through the printed material that you...

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