The Statute of the Orthodox Church in America

Article IX

The Deanery

Article 1   Deaneries Deaneries are specified districts within the boundaries of a diocese which are established by the Diocesan Council (Cf. Article VIII, Section 5), with the exception of the Dean of Orthodox Military Chaplains, who is appointed by, and directly responsible to, the Metropolitan (Cf. Article II, Section 7b).

Article 2   The District Dean The District Dean is the priest who is the head of a deanery. While subordinated to the Diocesan Bishop, he has the responsibility of leading the life of the deanery and is the first instance of appeal when disputes arise.

Article 3   Competence and Duties Subject to the instructions of the Diocesan Bishop, the District Dean has competence in:
  1. Directing the affairs of the deanery;
  2. Supervising the activities of the clergy of the deanery;
  3. Giving directives and explanations in matters of pastoral services, with the right to direct, counsel, and admonish, in a strictly private and circumspect manner, rectors and clergymen within his deanery whenever their personal conduct or manner of discharging duties indicates the need of such action;
  4. Receiving and investigating complaints against rectors or other clergymen, as well as protests against the decisions of the parish bodies, which complaints or protests he submits with his report to the Diocesan Bishop;
  5. Convoking deanery meetings;
  6. Filling temporary vacancies in parish clergy with the consent of the Diocesan Bishop;
  7. Receiving the minutes of parish meetings held within his deanery, with the right to make recommendations to the Diocesan Bishop;
  8. Taking part in parish meetings upon commission of the diocesan authority or the request of the rector or the parish council;
  9. Aiding and planning the organization of new parishes within his deanery;
  10. Acting on all other matters submitted to him by the Diocesan Bishop;
  11. Submitting the minutes of every meeting of the clergy of the deanery to the Diocesan Bishop;
  12. Submitting an annual report on the status of his deanery to the Diocesan Bishop and Diocesan Assembly, stating not only the achievements, but also instances of serious negligence;
  13. Negotiating with the parish and the assigned priest the salary and fringe benefits needed by the priest in agreement with the ability of the parish to meet these requests;
  14. The competence and duties of the Dean of Orthodox Military Chaplains will be the same as above insofar as this is applicable to the military structure.

Article 4  


The District Dean is elected from among the rectors of the deanery and confirmed by the Diocesan Bishop for a term of three years.