Cheesefare Saturday: Commemoration of All the Saints Who Have Shone Forth in the Ascetic Life With Vigil Saint, or Saint of the Temple

On Cheesefare Friday, vespers for Saturday does not take place after the hours, but after typical psalms. We say: Loose, remit, forgive…, More honorable…, and the bows; immediately the prayer: “O All-holy Trinity…”, Psalm 33, It is truly… ; and dismissal. We leave till the hour for vespers, at which time we sing little vespers.

At little vespers: Lord, I Call: 4 saint (if available; if not, those from the general menaion); glory: saint; now: theotokion.
Prokeimenon and reading for the day (triodion); and after that, the prokeimenon: Let Israel hope in the Lord…
Aposticha: triodion: idiomelon (2x) and martyrs; glory: saint; now: theotokion in the same tone.
Troparia: saint: glory and now: resurrectional theotokion in the same tone; litany and dismissal.]

Great Vespers at Vigil

Blessed is the Man.

Lord, I Call: 4 fathers + 4 saint, glory: fathers; now: theotokion - the dogmatikon of the current tone.

Entrance, prokeimenon of the day; readings of the saint.

Litya: stichera of the temple (or other vigil saint); glory: temple; now: theotokion. (If no litya hymns for the saint, we use those from the general menaion)

Aposticha: saint; glory: fathers; now: resurrectional aposticha theotokion in the tone of the glory.

Troparia: saint (2x); fathers (1x)
(If vigil not served: troparion of saint; glory: fathers; now: resurrectional theotokion in the same tone: “The mystery hidden”)