Scripture Readings

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Today’s commemorated feasts and saints

FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENTTone 7. Leavetaking of the Annunciation. Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel. St. John Climacus (of The Ladder). Hieromartyr Irenæus, Bishop of Sirmium (304). Martyrs Bathusius and Bercus—Presbyters, Arpilus—Monk, Abibus, Agnus, Reasus, Igathrax, Iscoeus (Iskous), Silas, Signicus, Sonirilus, Suimbalus, Thermus, Phillus (Philgas)—laymen, and the women: Anna, Alla, Larissa, Monco (Manca), Uirko (Virko), Animais (Animaida), Gaatha and Duklida, in the Crimea (375). St. Malchus of Chalcis in Syria (4th c.). Ven. Basil the New, Anchorite, near Constantinople (10th c.). Martyr Montanus, Presbyter, of Singidunum, and his wife, Maxima (235).