Cheesefare Saturday Forefeast of the Meeting of the Lord, and Commemoration of All the Saints who have Shone Forth in the Ascetic Life

Great Vespers not at a Vigil

The hymns of the feast are found in the menaion; those of the fathers are found in the triodion.

Kathisma, as appointed.

Lord, I Call: 3 forefeast + 3 fathers; glory: fathers; now: theotokion, the dogmatikon of the current tone.

Entrance. Prokeimenon and reading (triodion); then prokeimenon, Let Israel hope in the Lord… Vouchsafe. Litany: Let us complete…

Aposticha: triodion: idiomelon (2x) and martyrs; glory: fathers; now: forefeast.

Troparia: fathers; glory and now: forefeast.

Litany: Have mercy on us…

Note: this service of vespers begins on Friday after the hours, without a break in the service. Specifically, after the 9th hour, the Beatitudes (i.e. typical psalms); at “More honorable” 16 full bows. Vespers then begins with Come let us worship, and the usual psalm. At vespers after the litany: Have mercy on us, O God…, there are 3 full bows; the prayer “O All-holy Trinity…” Blessed be the Name (3x); Psalm 33, It is truly… ; and full dismissal.