Cheesefare Sunday, also called Sunday of Forgiveness, and the Expulsion of Adam from Paradise With a Polyelei rank feast of a Saint or of the Forerunner

Great Vespers at a Vigil

Lord, I Call: 4 resurrection + 3 triodion + 3 saint; glory: triodion; now, theotokion, the dogmatikon of the tone.

Entrance, prokeimenon of the day. Readings of the saint. Litany: Let us say… etc. Vouchsafe. Let us complete our evening…

Litya: the hymns of the saint (or of the temple, if the saint is of the temple), and triodion (1st two from the matins praises: ‘Woe is me’... and: The arena of the virtues… ); glory: saint; now: triodion (written on “glory” for the litya).

Aposticha: resurrection, with their verses; glory: saint; now: triodion.

Troparia: Rejoice (3x)
(If vigil is not served: resurrection; glory: saint; now: resurrectional theotokion in the same tone as the glory.)