Cheesefare Thursday, With Polyeleos rank feast of a Saint or of the Forerunner (for example, Feb. 24)


On Wednesday at the hours and typical psalms, after Loose, remit… and the prostrations, the bell is rung as usual and vespers begins: Come let us worship… and the customary psalm. Great Litany.

Lord, I Call: 6 saint, glory: saint; now: theotokion - the dogmatikon in the tone of the glory.

Entrance; 2 lessons of the day. Prokeimenon of the day; the lessons of the saint. Vouchsafe, O Lord. Litany: Let us complete our evening . . . (Litya: is not served.)

Aposticha: triodion: idiomelon (2x) and martyrs; glory: saint; now: theotokion.

Troparia: saint (1x); glory and now: resurrectional theotokion in the same tone.

Litany: Have mercy on us . . . and 3 full prostrations; then O All-holy Trinity… and Psalm 33. It is truly meet… (etc.) and dismissal.