Daily Vespers

Leavetaking of feast, with saint of less than vigil rank (1 or 2 lesser saints, saint having 6 stichera or great doxology or polyeleos)

The service of the saint is transferred to the previous day.

Lord, I Call: 6 feast (same stichera as sung on the feast day); glory and now: feast. (If it is Saturday - i.e. Friday evening - glory: feast; now: Theotokion, the dogmatikon in the tone of the week).

There is no entrance, lessons, or litya. Prokeimenon of the day. Vouchsafe. Let us complete our evening prayer. . .

Aposticha: feast with their verses; glory and now: feast.

Troparia: feast (1x)

Litany: Have mercy on us, O God…

Simple daily dismissal, with mention of the saint in order, i.e., the saint of the day.