Daily Vespers: Monday through Friday

(i.e. Sunday eve, Mon eve., through Thursday eve.) Forefeast or Afterfeast, with saint having six stichera or a great doxology

Lord, I Call: 3 first saint + 3 second saint; glory: saint (if there is one); now: forefeast or feast.

There is no entrance. Prokeimenon of the day. Evening prayer. Litany: Let us complete our evening prayer…

(But it should be noted that daily vespers served on the same day as a feast of the Lord has certain features of great vespers, namely: entrance, great prokeimenon, and at once the augmented litany (“Let us say . . .”) and the litany at the end is omitted.)

Aposticha: forefeast or feast with their verses; glory, saint (if there is one); now: forefeast or feast.

Troparia: saint; glory and now: forefeast or feast.

Litany: Have mercy on us, O God . . .