Great Vespers at a Vigil

Leavetaking of Feast (Apodosis), with saint of the temple, or a saint of vigil rank

Lord, I Call: 6 feast + 4 saint: glory: saint; now: feast.

Entrance, prokeimenon of the day, 3 lessons for the saint. Litany: Let us say… etc. Vouchsafe. Let us complete our evening…

Litya: one sticheron of the temple and those of the saint. If the saint is the patron of temple, all of the stichera of the saint are sung, including the glory; then now: feast.

Aposticha: feast, with their verses; glory: saint; now: feast.

Troparia: saint (2x); feast (1x)

If vigil is not served: saint (1x); glory and now: feast (1x)

Leave-taking of the patronal feast

At vespers on the same day as the feast of the patron saint of a temple, the Leave-taking of the feast of the temple is observed under certain conditions.