Great Vespers at a Vigil: Monday through Friday

(i.e. Sun. evening, Mon. evening etc. to Thurs. eve.) Forefeast or Afterfeast, with saint of the temple, or a saint of vigil rank

Lord, I Call: 3 feast + 5 saint; glory: saint; now: forefeast or feast.

Litya: a sticheron of the temple and of the saint; glory: saint; now: forefeast or feast. (If the saint being celebrated is the patron of the temple, all of that saint’s litya stichera are sung; then glory: etc. as before)

Aposticha: saint; glory: saint; now: feast.

Troparia: saint (2x); forefeast or feast (1x) (If vigil is not served: saint (1x); glory and now: forefeast or feast (1x) )

Leave-taking of the patronal feast

At vespers on the same day as the feast of the patron saint of a temple, the Leave-taking of the feast of the temple is observed under certain conditions.