Great Vespers at a Vigil: Saturday (Friday eve.)

Not a Forefeast or Afterfeast; with saint of the temple, or a saint of vigil rank

Lord, I Call: 8 saint, glory: saint; now: resurrectional theotokion - dogmatikon of the current tone (tone of the week).

Litya: 1 temple (1st sticheron at litya for the patronal saint); rest saint; glory: saint; now: Theotokion. (Note: if the saint is the patronal saint of the temple, the saint’s litya stichera are sung; glory: saint; now: etc.)

Aposticha: all saint; glory: saint; now: resurrectional aposticha theotokion in the tone of the glory.

Troparia: saint (2x); Rejoice, Virgin Theotokos (1x).
(If vigil is not served: saint (1x); glory and now: resurrectional dismissal theotokion in the current tone, i.e. tone of the week.)