Lazarus Saturday

Vespers with Liturgy of the Presanctified served on Friday)

The 18th kathisma, with little litany after each antiphon.

Lord, I Call: 10 triodion: “Having completed the 40 days…” 2x, + 1 martyrs + 7 Lazarus (the first 2 of the 5 hymns of Lazarus being repeated to make up 7); glory: Lazarus; now: “Having completed the 40 days…”

Entrance, 2 prokeimena and 2 readings (triodion). And the rest of the Liturgy of the Presanctified.

If there will be no Liturgy of the Presanctified, the following order is observed:

Kathisma as appointed, with little litany at the conclusion.

Lord, I Call: 6 Lazarus (the first of the five hymns being repeated to make up 6), in Tone 6; glory and now: triodion, Tone 8, “Having completed the 40 days…”

O Gladsome Light. No entrance. 2 prokeimena and 2 readings (triodion).

Aposticha: “Having completed the 40 days…” 2x + 1 martyrs (all from Lord, I call sung when Presanctified is served; with the usual vespers aposticha refrains); glory and now: triodion, tone 8, Lazarus (sung on glory: at Lord, I call when Presanctified is served)

Troparia: feast.

Litany: Have mercy on us, O God: and three full prostrations, and the prayer: O All-holy Trinity; and the rest as usual, and dismissal, and many years.