Annual Christmas Retreat at St Vladimir’s Seminary

The theme of the annual Christmas Retreat at St Vladimir’s Seminary, “Faith and Science: Unlocking the Dilemma,” challenged nearly 40 high school and college students.

Dr Peter Bouteneff, Assistant Professor of Dogmatics, Dr John Barnet, Assistant Professor of New Testament, and Fr Timothy Blumentritt, a doctoral student at Boston College and a graduate of the seminary, reviewed Biblical texts and creation theories - including evolution - and recounted the pastoral implications regarding advances in present day scientific technologies - including genetic engineering and organ transplants. The participants also learned about the creation theme, and about God as the Creator, as proclaimed in Orthodox liturgical services. Lively discussion groups led by seminarians followed each lecture.

The students participated in the liturgical services by either reading, singing in the choir led by Professor David Drillock, or by being altar servers. At the closing Divine Liturgy, Fr Thomas Hopko, dean of the seminary, preached about our becoming “seekers” like the Magi of the Christmas Story, who, in following the Star, found the Truth.

The retreat included an ice-skating outing and an excursion to the NY Botanical Gardens. Those interested in events for young people at St Vladimir’s Seminary may contact Fr. Steven Belonick at 914-961-8313, ext. 328 or email him at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).