Continued prayers for Monastery provide strength

The latest update on June 25, 2002 from Mother Cassiana, Superior of the Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery points to successful results by fire fighters trying to contain the Hayman fire.

We’ve been told by the local authorities that the fire is nearly contained in areas around us,” Mother Cassiana reports, “There is the threat of other fires flaring up around us, but we are a lot closer to normal conditions.” While earlier reports had the fire moving in the direction of the Monastery, the fire fighters have been able to gain control of large sections, making evacuation less of a possibility for the Monastery.

“We appreciate the continued prayers for our safety,” Mother Cassiana said, “The strength we feel is because of all of the prayers being offered on our behalf. We thank you for them. It was definitely by the prayers of the faithful that we are still here.”

Mother Cassiana said evacuation plans are still ready for those living in the area near Lake George and along Highway 24, including the nuns at the Monastery should things take another turn for the worse.

“The fire fighters have done a fantastic job, protecting everything they possibly could,” Mother Cassiana said, “They still need our continued prayers for safety in this very difficult job.”

Reports indicate the temperature of the fire in some areas is nearly 2000 degrees, burning through trees almost instantaneously.

With the threat of the approaching fire, the Monastery Bookstore will be closed until at least the fall.

“In essence, the bookstore will be closed until it snows here.” Mother Cassiana said, “Financially this is not good, but if we were to lose all of the books, it would be even worse. Unable to leave the Monastery for extended periods of time for retreats, we simply wait until conditions allow us to resume normal activities.”

The faithful of the Church are asked to continue praying fervently, that the Monastery may be spared. Communication with the Monastic Community is available via regular mail at:
Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery
2343 Country Rd 403
P.O. Box 416
Lake George, CO 80827-0416

or by phone at 719/748.3999

In cooperation with His Grace Bishop TIKHON of San Francisco, additional updates and information will be available through the website of the Orthodox Church in America at when it is received from the Monastery.