Hilton Pittsburgh issues statement to OCA regarding hotel renovations

On August 8, 2008, Mark DeIntinis, Director of Marketing and Sales for the Pittsburgh Hilton, issued a statement to the OCA regarding renovations at the hotel.

The text of Mr. DeIntinis’ statement is as follows.

“It is with great anticipation that we await the arrival of the Orthodox Church of America this November 8-15 at the Hilton Pittsburgh.

“Most of you may or may not know of the changes taking place at the Hilton Pittsburgh, and I thought it would be a good time to update each of you on what you can expect upon arrival.

“The guest room and corridor renovation is set to be completed by September 1, 2008. Currently, we have just over 600 guest rooms complete, leaving about 112 waiting for furniture, paint, and wall-coverings. The renovation was a full rebuild, for each guest room, which was a bit disruptive at times; but the end result yielded the best guest rooms in the city!

“We have also completed upgrades to our restaurant/bar; with new furniture, colors, and carpeting. Our Chef is also planning some very exciting menu items for the Fall season.

“The only area in and around the hotel will be the front expansion, located just to the right of the hotel’s main entrance. We are waiting on some resources for that project, and the expectation is that those should be delivered by November (2008). Once delivered, we can expect a 30-45day waiting period, to be scheduled by the General Contractor, so our best information shows nothing in the way of construction will be underway during the conference.

“All in all, I am confident the Hilton Pittsburgh our management and staff, as well as the City of Pittsburgh will perform admirably during your time with us in November.”

The dates cited by Mr. DeIntinis refer to the full block of days that a special conference room rate is available to AAC participants. The All-American Council itself will take place November 10 to 13, 2008.