June 2003 Schedule for “Come Receive the Light” Radio Network includes noted OCA members

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL—The June 2003 Schedule of Programs from the Orthodox Radio Network “Come Receive the Light” has been announced:


Topic: The Nicene Creed Part 1 of 3

Guest: Fr Thomas Hopko

We welcome back scholar theologian, Fr. Thomas Hopko as he begins a three part series on The Nicene Creed. As the Nicene Creed was formulated at the Councils in Nicea, it has become recognized since then as the authoritative expression of the fundamental beliefs of the Orthodox Church. Be sure to tune as Fr. Hopko will guide us through a very informative discussion on the Creed which is recited at the time of Baptism and during every Divine Liturgy.


Topic: The Fifth Ecumenical Council

Guest: Fr. John Behr

Fr. John Behr will continue his series on the Ecumenical Councils focusing this week on the Fifth Ecumenical Council. The Fifth Ecumenical Council was held in Constantinople in 553 under Emperor Justinian the Great with 165 Bishops present. The Fifth Ecumenical Council focused mainly on Nestorian and Eutychian Controversies in hopes of putting an end to it. Be sure to tune to this very informative program on the teachings of the Seven Ecumenical Councils.


Topic: Taking Harry Seriously

Guest: John Granger

As the new book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Phoenix, hits the shelves June 21, 2003, CRTL revisits the phenomenon surrounding Harry Potter. Author, John Granger returns as he continues to delve into the deeper meanings of the Harry Potter stories and explains that these stories are actually Christian based rather than anti-Christian. So, should we take Harry Potter seriously, what is the Hidden Key to Harry Potter? John Granger will be joined by Matushka Donna Farley who will relate the Potter series to the more general idea of the Christian journey as Story. Be sure to tune in to what is surely to be a very exciting program.


Topic: Priests and their Families in Parish Life

Guest: Fr. Benjamin Henderson

Our clergy like the rest of us, struggle with sin and death. Our clergy and clergy-families suffer from the same environmental, spiritual, physical and emotional temptations and illnesses as do all persons. Priests and clergy are NOT exempt from impairment.

So how are we to assess, evaluate and “judge” them in their impaired condition? What key is there to distinguish between an Orthodox Christian approach to suffering clergy and a merely utilitarian or moralistic approach?

Be sure to tune into this program as the discussion will focus on the encouragement of health and vitality in the Parish - an open and honest communication between Parishes and their clergy in matters of the mutual work of repentance, change and renewal common to all Orthodox Christians.

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