Kidney transplant recipient expresses thanks to OCA

Early in 2002, the Office of Communications of the Orthodox Church in America issued an appeal to faithful across North America seeking a kidney donor for Mr. Serge Ozerov, a member of Our Lady of Kazan Church, Sea Cliff, NY.

During the last week of July, Mr. Ozerov’s mother, Sophie, informed the Orthodox Church in America that the search for a donor was successful and that the transplant had been completed.

“We have very good news for all those who supported us as a result of our appeal,” writes Mrs. Ozerov. “My son, Serge, had a kidney transplant! The operation was asuccess and the kidney that came from a deceased donor works very well.”

Mrs. Ozerov reports that her son has returned to “a normal way of life” after three years of dialysistreatments, adding that her family “thanks God, Who has given us this gift!”

“The response to our appeal was incredibly warm and supportive,” Mrs. Ozerov concludes. “Some sent their prayers, their sympathy, and encouragement! Others offered to donate! We are extremely grateful to all, and we are also most grateful to the OCA for printing our appeal!”