March 2003 Schedule for “Come Receive the Light” Radio Network includes noted OCA members

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL— The March 2003 Schedule of Programs from the Orthodox Radio Network “Come Receive the Light” has been announced:


Topic: Lenten Season Discussion

Guests: Fr. Thomas Hopko, Fr. Alkiviadis C. Calivas

As 300 million Orthodox Christians prepare for the journey through Great Lent our program this week will feature Fr. Christopher and Emmy our hosts, along with Fr. Thomas Hopko and Fr. Alkiviadis C. Calivas and they will discuss the journey through Great Lent and its significance for every Christians salvation.


Topic: The Liturgy of the Pre-sanctified Gifts

Guest: Dean John H Erickson

The Liturgy of the Pre-sanctified Gifts may be characterized, without exaggeration, as the heart, the center of the services of Great Lent. In fact, it is the service which best typifies this sacred time of the year. Join us for a very informative program with our special guest Dean John H Erickson who is making his first appearance as a guest on our program.


Topic: The Second Ecumenical Council

Guest: Fr. John Behr

Fr. John Behr returns for Part 3 of his 8 part series on the Ecumenical Councils.

In this program Fr. John will introduce us to the Second Ecumenical Council which was held in Constantinople in 381, under Emperor Theodosius the Great, there were 150 Bishops present.

This Council was convened as the decision of the First Ecumenical Council was not universally accepted in the Church and the Macedonian controversy raged for many decades. During the time prior to the Second Council the Arian party gained imperial support and the defenders of the Nicene faith were greatly persecuted. The troubles persisted until 381 when the Second Ecumenical Council was held. The original decision of the First Council was reaffirmed and the divinity of the Holy Spirit was proclaimed. The combined statement of these two councils comprises the Symbol of Faith, the Creed of the Orthodox Church.


Topic: Explore the adventure of Lent, the Great Fast

Guest: Donna Farley

Be sure to tune in as we explore the adventure of Lent, the Great Fast. Spiritual insight can come from unexpected sources. What does Indiana Jones have to do with St. Ephraim the Syrian? How is Lent like homemade soup? Are we ready to follow St. John Climacus, and pick a fight with the devil? Join us as we host Mrs. Donna Farley, author of Seasons of Grace: Reflections on the Orthodox Church Year.

In the Introduction to her book, Donna writes, “We sometimes find ourselves walking a tightrope between what we think is the ideal of a holy life and the demands of our post-modern world; and it is all too easy to fall off on one side or the other.” It is the church seasons that give us balance, and teach us to find spiritual significance not only in the liturgical services, but also in everyday life and even in popular culture.


Topic: Serving a diverse ethnic parish

Guest: Rev. Dr. Nicholas J. Verdaris

Diversity is a characteristic that is not only a great strength but also a great challenge.

For an Orthodox Priest that serves a parish that has a great diversity in ethnicity it becomes an even bigger challenge, especially during Lent. While we “are all part of God’s unfinished tapestry”, the Orthodox Priest that pastors such a parish works very hard to weave the strands of diversity into the finished tapestry of a united Orthodox Christian parish.

Be sure to tune in as Fr. Nicholas Verdaris will enlighten us with how he as the priest of such a parish deals with the challenges, opportunities and rewards that serving a diverse ethnic parish present.

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