NPR honors Dr. Jaroslav Pelikan

SYOSSET, NY—Renowned Church historican Dr. Jaroslav Pelikan is being featured on the National Public Radio [NPR] program “Speaking of Faith” in conjunction with the publication of his latest work, “Credo: Historical and Theological Guide to Creeds and Confessions in the Christian Tradition.”

Dr. Pelikan converted to Orthodox Christianity several years ago. He is widely known for his work in the field of Church history. His most recent work, “Credo,” is published by Yale University Press.

In the New York City area, the NPR program is slated to air on Saturday, September 20 at 3:00 p.m. on WNYC 820 AM. Air times in other regions may be found on the “Speaking of Faith” web site at An audio transcript of the program is also available on the website.

A number of other celebrations honoring Dr. Pelikan, including a list of lectures being held across the country, may be found at