OCA Auditing Committee Selections

In accordance with the Article III, Section 15, amendment to the OCA Statute passed at the 15th All-American Council in November 2008, the Metropolitan Council appointed an Auditing Committee Search Team at its February meeting. The Search Team was chaired by Dr. Faith Skordinski, with the Very Rev. Theodore Bobosh and Mr. Gary Popovich as members.

Metropolitan Council members submitted to the Search Team the names of fourteen candidates for consideration. Subsequently, the Search Team recommended to the Holy Synod during its April meeting the following four highly qualified candidates: Karen L. Durkish-Simons, CPA, Mechanicsburg, PA; Michael S. Strelka, CPA, CVA, Chicago, IL; Deacon Martin D. Watt, CPA, Dayton, OH; and Vera Bozko-Summer, Columbia, SC, as alternate. All were approved. The committee elected Deacon Martin Watt as chair.

The audits will commence as specified in the amendment, beginning with the Chancery’s annual audit in July.