OCA Chaplains Deployed to Middle East

Two priests of the Orthodox Church in America recently were deployed in the Middle East on Operation Enduring Freedom to provide religious support and ministry to members of the US armed forces.

According to the Very Rev. Theodore Boback, Executive Director of Orthodox Military and Veterans Administration Chaplains, the Rev. Peter Dubinin, US Army Chaplain (CPT) in the active duty component at Fort Campbell, KY, was recently deployed with his unit in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Also deployed was the Rev. Robert McMeekin, a Reserve Component Chaplain who also serves Holy Cross Orthodox Mission, St. Croix Falls, WI.

“As we pray at each of our liturgical services for our nation, our president and civil authorities, and our armed forces, we ask the faithful of our Church to pray for Fathers Dubinin and McMeekin and their families—and for all military chaplains—as they perform in the defense and protection of our nation,” said Father Boback.