OCA Communications Director participates in “Come Receive the Light” Board Meeting

Members of the board of the “Come Receive the Light” pan-Orthodox radio ministry met on Wednesday, May 14, 2003 and reaffirmed their commitment to bring the popular program to the nation’s 25 top media markets by the end of the year.

The Very Rev. John Matusiak, Communications Director for the Orthodox Church in America and frequent “Come Receive the Light” guest, participated in the board meeting, together with the communications directors of the Greek and Antiochian Archdioceses.

“The program is currently being aired in several major media markets, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Peoria, Oklahoma City, and Miami-Ft. Lauderdale,” Father Matusiak noted. “Most recently, the program has been picked up by stations in Charleston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and San Francisco. The program will also be aired in Baltimore, pending arrangements with a local station.”

While funding for the program remains a concern—costs range from a low of $175 per week in San Francisco to an estimated high of $700-$800 per week in the Los Angeles area—board members were confident that they would be in a position to make the program available in the top 25 US markets by 2004.

“If the ministry’s goal is achieved, it will mean that approximately 80 percent of the US Orthodox Christian population will have access to the weekly program,” Father Matusiak added.

In addition to applying for grants from a variety of agencies and foundations, the radio ministry is raising funds through awareness-building dinners and parish sponsorships, which help pay for local air time.

Since its inception, “Come Receive the Light” has employed a “magazine” format, with each program featuring an interview or discussion. Most recently, Father Matusiak gave an interview recounting the history of the wonderworking Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God, which will be available for veneration at Saint Tikhon Monastery, South Canaan, PA during the 99th annual Memorial Day pilgrimage. The icon is slated to be returned to its original home in Tikhvin, Russia in 2004.

His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman, was also a featured guest on a recent “Come Receive the Light” program, while the Rev. John Behr of Saint Vladimir Seminary has completed a series of programs on aspects of Orthodox Church history.

An archive of all “Come Receive the Light” programs is available on the internet, making it possible for individuals to access the programs at their leisure. The program’s web site is http://www.receive.org. The interview with Metropolitan Herman may be accessed here, while the recent program on the Tikhvin Icon may be found here.

Those desiring additional information on this growing pan-Orthodox media ministry, or who would be interested in bringing the program into their respective region, may contact the OCA Department of Communications at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).