OCA Metropolitan Council to meet June 12-13, 2007

The Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in America will meet at the OCA Chancery here on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 12 and 13, 2007.

His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman, will preside at the meeting.

Tuesday’s agenda includes the address of Metropolitan Herman; financial reports; the audit committee report; the report of the reorganizational task force and search committee; the report on the OCA Best Practices/Conformity to NY State Law Report; and the computer upgrade project report.

On Wednesday, Metropolitan Council members will receive reports from the investigation committee; the Martin Drive property; the 15th All-American Council, slated to be convened in 2008; the Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards and development; the charity committee; the investment committee; the finance committee; and additional committees.

According to the Statute of the Orthodox Church in America, Article 5, the Metropolitan Council is the permanent executive body of the Church Administration which exists for the purpose of implementing the decisions of the All-American Council and continuing its work between sessions.

The Metropolitan Council, according to the Statute, consists of the Metropolitan as chairman, the chancellor, the secretary, and the treasurer; two representatives from each diocese, one priest and one layperson elected by the diocesan assemblies; and three priests and three laypersons elected by the All-American Council. Vacancies occurring among diocesan representatives are filled by the respective dioceses, while two alternates—one priest and one layperson—are elected by the All-American Council, to fill vacancies occurring among members elected by the All-American Council. All elected members, whether representing the several dioceses or those elected by the All-American Council, succeed themselves in office for one term only.