On-line Survey to profile Parish Practices

SYOSSET, NY [OCA Communications] — With the blessing of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman, an expanded version of the survey of parish practices developed for the 13th All-American Council in 2002 will be available on-line to all active parish priests beginning Monday, March 14, 2005.

“The 2005 Profile of Parish Practices will enable the various departments and ministries of the Orthodox Church in America to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of our parishes’ wide variety of practices, needs, programs, and hopes,” said the Rev. Jonathan Ivanoff, who is overseeing the survey. “Divided into 10 distinct areas of Church life, the survey has been refined for precision and expanded to allow for a more comprehensive selection of options and answers.”

Father Ivanoff added that the survey will only be available on-line.
Entrance will require a password, which will be e-mailed to all assigned deans, rectors and acting rectors, and priests-in-charge of OCA parishes and missions. Associate and attached priests, deacons, and retired clergy will not participate in the survey. Priests who do not have e-mail or who are not connected to the internet should call Father Ivanoff at 516-922-0550 for guidance on taking the survey.

“Since the survey is designed to determine parish practices, OCA institutions—monasteries, seminaries, chapels, camps, etc.—will not be included,” Father Ivanoff indicated. The 2002 survey was completed by 161 clergy, reflecting approximately 30 percent of the OCA’s parishes and missions. “We hope that an even greater number of priests will participate in the new survey this time around,” said Fr. Ivanoff.

The results of the 2002 survey were shared with delegates to the 13th AAC in a PowerPoint presentation. The results of the new survey will be reviewed at the 14th All-American Council in Toronto in July 2005.

Deadline for completing the survey is Friday, April 15.