Orthodox Radio Network plans for expanding broadcast

The National Board of Directors of Orthodox Christian Networks (OCN) recently met here to discuss the expansion of the media outreach of its flagship program “Come Receive the Light”, which is the only Orthodox Christian radio program in the country distributed by satellite and available to radio stations around the US.

Distributed via the Salem Satellite Network, this unique radio program has seen both strong and steady growth. With a weekly presence in six markets in the US, Come Receive the Light is the only Orthodox Christian radio program with the potential of a national outreach.

Rev. Christopher Metropulos, the founder and co-host of this weekly magazine style program, set the stage at the board meeting saying, “A clear vision, along with the courage to follow through, dramatically increases our chances of coming to the end of our lives, looking back with deep abiding satisfaction and thinking with God’s help I did succeed.”

Rev. Metropulos presented the baord with a challenge of making Come Receive The Light available in the top 25 markets in the US in three years on a weekly basis, and moving to a daily program in the next five years.

The first step in making this goal a reality will be the growth of the staff at OCN. The Board agreed to bring on additional staff to make this effort a success and a three-month long intensive capital campaign was also instituted to fund the additional budget needs.

“Come Receive the Light” is an Orthodox Radio network with programs featuring weekly special guests talking about contemporary issues from the timeless perspective of the Orthodox Christian faith. News features, encouraging devotionals, and radio dramas of past heroes of the Christian faith make this program one of the most unique radio ministries in the nation.

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