Proposed members of Auditing Committee meet at OCA Chancery

At the 15th All-American Council of the Orthodox Church in America in November 2008, delegates passed an amendment to the OCA Statue mandating that the Metropolitan Council select the members of the OCA Auditing Committee.

Names of potential auditors were presented at the Metropolitan Council’s 2009 Spring Session. A committee was formed to review possible candidates and present proposed Auditing Committee members to the Metropolitan Council’s fall meeting later this year. This committee selected Deacon Martin D. Watt, CPA, proposed Auditing Committee chair; Michael S. Strelka, CPA, CVA; Karen L. Simons-Durkish, CPA; and Vera Bozko-Summer as proposed members of the Auditing Committee.

At its Spring 2009 Session, the Holy Synod of Bishops approved the proposed members, with formal approval by the Metropolitan Council to be carried out in the fall.

In order to enable the auditors to begin their work as soon as possible after ratification, it was decided that proposed committee members should begin to orient themselves with the work before them without delay. As a result, Deacon Martin, Michael Strelka, and Karen Simons-Durkish met at the OCA Chancery on June 22, 2009. They had the opportunity to meet with His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah, as well as the Very Rev. Alexander Garklavs, chancellor; the Very Rev. Eric G. Tosi, secretary; the Rev. Michael Tassos, outgoing treasurer; the Very Rev. Andrew Jarmus, director of ministries and communications; and the Very Rev. Dennis Swencki, comptroller. Also present was the Very Rev. Matthew Tate, chair of the Metropolitan Council Finance Committee.

In addition to familiarizing themselves with Chancery operations and personnel, the proposed members of the Audit Committee also discussed the establishment of formalized audit procedures.

Later that day, Fathers Matthew and Michael took part in a meeting of the Treasurer Search Committee to discuss steps in the search for a new OCA Treasurer.

A photo gallery of these meetings may be viewed here.

In related news, the first meeting of the Strategic Plan Committee was held on Thursday, June 18, to discuss the mandate and work of the committee after receiving guidance from the Holy Synod. His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah, was in attendance.

Chairing the committee is the Very Rev. Robert Arida. Father Eric Tosi serves as Chancery laison. Committee members include the Very Revs. Theodore Boback, Michael Oleksa, and Alexis Vinogradov; Protodeacon Peter Danilchick; Deacon Johhn Zarris; and Mr. David Grier, Ms. Eleana Silk, and Dr. Dmitri Solodow.