Prospective students discover St Vladimir’s Seminary

More than 25 students from across the United State and Canada visited St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood, New York in November to learn more about becoming a student at America’s premier Orthodox theological graduate institution.

“Exploring the Possibilities,” November 14-16, gave prospective St Vladimir’s students first-hand experience of seminary life, as well as fostering their interest in ministry and understanding of the Orthodox faith.

“The open house was extremely enlightening, helping to answer many questions I never even thought of before I attended the program,” said Joshua Mosher, 28, from West Haven, Connecticut. “I was very impressed not only with the excitement of the current students, but the other inquiring students. I’ve been exploring attending St Vladimir’s for some time, and ‘Exploring the Possibilities’ helped confirm the challenges that await me as a seminarian.”

Participants in the two-day program were given an opportunity to attend classes, worship in the chapel, tour the campus and its resources, meet faculty and students, and learn about degree programs, financial aid, and the admission process.

“I was very impressed with all of our visiting prospective students,” said Fr John Behr, who was part of a faculty-student panel discussion. “They all had very diverse interests and enthusiasm, and they asked many important questions about seminary life, as well as Orthodox faith and theology.”

St Vladimir’s Seminary is also hosting a Christmas Retreat for high school and college students December 26-28 on the seminary campus.
Living a Christian Life in a Secular World is the theme for this year’s program.

Presentations will include:

Living in Tension: In the world, but not of the world by Dr Peter Bouteneff, Assistant Professor of Dogmatics at the seminary

Survival in the Secular World by Fr Timothy Blumentritt, Lecturer in Pastoral Theology at the seminary

Beyond Survival: Witnessing in the Secular World by George Hazalaris, a graduate from Holy Cross School of Theology in Brookline, MA and district director for the Office of Youth for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

For a schedule of activities and to register for the Christmas retreat, please call the seminary at 914-961-8313, ext. 328 or visit the seminary’s web site at:

St Vladimir’s Theological Orthodox Seminary is a graduate school of theology, whose primary purpose is the preparation of leaders - both clergy and lay - for service to the Orthodox Church and the world at large. The seminary offers a Master of Divinity; a Master of Arts in Christian Education, Liturgical Music, and General Theology; a Master of Theology; and a Doctor of Ministry degree.