Schedule of Programs for April 2003 on Orthodox Radio Network announced

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL— The April 2003 Schedule of Programs from the Orthodox Radio Network “Come Receive the Light” has been announced:


Topic: The Third Ecumenical Council

Guest: Fr. John Behr

Fr. John Behr returns for Part 4 of his 8 part series on the Ecumenical Councils.

In this program Fr. John will introduce us to the Third Ecumenical Council which was held in Ephesus, Asia Minor in 431 under Emperor Theodosius II, grandson of Theodosius the Great. Approximately 200 Bishops were present at this council which was chiefly concerned with Nestorianism.

According to the Council; Nestorianism overemphasized the human nature of Jesus Christ at the expense of the divine. In addition, the Council also declared the text of the Nicene Creed decreed at the First and Second Ecumenical Councils to be complete and forbade any additional change (addition or deletion) to it. Be sure to tune for a very informative program as we continue the series on the teachings of the Seven Ecumenical Councils.


Topic: The Weeping Icon of Panagia

Guest: Fr. Nicholas Dahdal

Do you believe in miracles? Many Orthodox Christians have faith and truly believe in miracles especially after witnessing the Miraculous Icon of the Weeping Panagia at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Cicero, IL. Flocks of people wait hours to visit the Icon and to ask the blessing from her tears. Fr. Nicholas Dahdal will join as and tell us his encounter of this Miraculous Icon of the Weeping Panagia that brings ten of thousands that have made pilgrimages to the Church to pray before the Miraculous Weeping Icon, Our Lady of Cicero. After more than nine years, the faithful continue to arrive. Fr. Nicholas believes that the Icon is a message from God. Be sure to tune in as this program will truly be uplifting and enlightening; restoring faith in what we Orthodox Christians believe in.


Topic: Holy Week in the Orthodox Church

Guest: V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Rahal and Rev. Dr. Alkiviadis C. Calivas

In our Orthodox faith, there is not a time as joyful, as emotional and uplifting as the week in which we commemorate our Lord’s suffering, death, and His glorious Resurrection. We welcome Fr. Joseph Rahal and Fr. Alkiviadis Calivas as they will enlighten us on the importance and significance of each of the services that take place during Holy Week. Be sure to tune in as this program will surely help us in preparation of the uplifting of our souls during this most solemn week.


Topic: Pascha in the Orthodox Church

Guests: Metropolitan HERMAN, Archbishop DEMETRIOS, Metropolitan PHILIP, Metropolitan NICHOLAS

Be sure to tune in to this uplifting and spiritual program as we bring you Pascha Greetings from our Hierarchs as we prepare for the Glorious Resurrection and the receiving of the Light of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ singing “Come ye, take light from the Light that is never overtaken by night. Come, glorify the Christ, risen from the dead.”

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