Schedule of Programs for January 2003 on Orthodox Radio Network announced

Schedule of Programs for January 2003 on “Come Receive the Light” Orthodox Radio Network


Topic: Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells

Guest: Professor Matthew Gallatin

Matthew Gallatin, professor of philosophy speaks on his new book, Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells, which expresses the many struggles that Protestant will encounter in coming face to face with Orthodoxy: such things as Protestant relativism, rationalism versus the Orthodox sacramental path to God, and the unity of Scripture and Tradition. He also discusses praying with icons, praying written prayers, and many other Orthodox traditions.

Be sure to tune in as the discussion on this outstanding book will help Orthodox readers more deeply appreciate their faith and will give Protestant readers a more thorough understanding of the Church.


Topic: Outreach and Evangelism

Guest: Fr. Constantine Nasr

The Orthodox Christian Church is a first century Church ministering to a twenty-first century people by providing continuity, authenticity, and stability. The key to Growth for the Orthodox Christian Church is and always has been Evangelism.

Fr. Constantine Nasr returns as a special guest of CRTL continuing his discussion on Outreach and Evangelism and the importance of it in the Orthodox faith. Be sure to tune in as Fr. Constantine will enlighten us on how we as Orthodox Christians can help the Church grow and become Evangelist for the Orthodox Church. As the New Year is just beginning now is a perfect time to plan for Outreach and Evangelism.


Topic: Seven Ecumenical Councils 101

Guest: Fr. Thomas Hopko/Fr. John Behr

What are the Seven Ecumenical Councils? Why are they so important in the Orthodox Christian Church? Fr. Thomas Hopko joins us to introduce this subject as well as introducing us to Fr. John Behr a preeminent scholar on the Seven Ecumenical Councils. This program is Part 1 of an 8 part series on the Seven Ecumenical Councils. Fr. Behr will then lead us through the remainder of the Seven Ecumenical Council series that will air over the next several months.

Filled with an abundance of information this program will give us a glimpse of what to look forward to on the upcoming seven programs on the Seven Ecumenical Councils so be sure to tune in as you will not want to miss any of these exciting programs.

Finally, Fr. Hopko will give a brief glimpse of his upcoming three part series on the Nicene Creed.


Topic: Journey to the Kingdom

Guest: Fr. John Mack

So we truly understand those all too familiar Bible passages that we have heard and recite weekly. Fr. John Mack returns to CRTL to enlighten us of his most recent book Journey to the Kingdom, Reflections of the Sunday Gospels where he provides insight for us to better understand these Bible passages that we know so well but truly could not explain.

Journey to the Kingdom takes us through the highlights of the church year and lovingly opens up the Gospel stories to us with patristic and biblical wisdom. Many of the reflections are filled with stories of the saints, as well as observations about living in the twenty-first century that lead us to ask deeper questions about our own lives.

Fr. John will discuss in further detail this must read book by all so be sure to tune in.

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