Schedule of Programs for July 2004 on Orthodox Radio Network announced

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL—Schedule of Programs for July 2004 on “Come Receive the Light” Orthodox Radio Network

Topic: The Creed
Guest: Fr. Thomas Hopko

“I believe in ...” In what? What does the Creed mean to us and why is it important? Join Fr. Chris and Emmy when they welcome back scholar, and theologian Fr. Thomas Hopko for a two part series on The Nicene Creed, its history, meaning and importance to the Orthodox Christian faith. Be sure to tune next week also for the conclusion on the Creed.

Topic: The Creed
Guest: Fr. Thomas Hopko

Fr. Thomas Hopko returns concluding the two part series on the Nicene Creed. Be sure to tune in as Fr. Hopko continues to guide us through a very informative discussion on the Creed, its history, meaning and importance to the Orthodox Christian faith; which is recited at the time of Baptism and during every Divine Liturgy.

Topic: The Papacy
Guest: Dr. Aristeides Papadakis

To better understand the view of the Papacy from an Orthodox perspective, you must first understand the schism. Join us when we speak with Dr. Aristeides Papadakis, author of “The Christian East and the Rise of the Papacy” for a discussion on the differences between the western and eastern views on authority and much more.

Topic: The Da Vinci Code
Guest: His Grace Bishop SAVAS

The Da Vinci Code, a historical thriller that claims Christianity is based on a cover up; one that has been on the NY Times Best Seller list for over 32 weeks and has sold 6 million copies. What is all the commotion about? What is the Orthodox Christian perspective on this book and what should every Christian know who has read it or is about to read it? Why are there so many modern day skeptics looking for reasons to refute the historical message of Christ? Join Fr. Chris when he speaks with Bishop SAVAS to hear the details.

Topic: Growing in Christ: Shaped in His Image
Guest: Mother Raphaela

“Let us define maturity as open-ended growth into all the fullness of God. Let us also say that the Church provides us with tools we need to nurture and encourage that growth.” Join Fr. Chris and Emmy when they speak with Mother Raphaela, a nun for 40 years and author of “Growing in Christ: Shaped in His Image”, to learn more about how to be an active participant in the Orthodox Christian faith.

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