SVS Dean Search Committee continues its work

CRESTWOOD, NY [OCA Communications] — The Dean Search Committee of Saint Vladimir’s Seminary here has continued its work throughout the summer months.

As announced by the seminary’s board of trustees, the office of dean will become vacant on July 1, 2007. The Rev. John Erickson will continue to serve as dean until that time.

Applications continue to be received and reviewed by the committee, which has met regularly by teleconference under the chairmanship of the Very Rev. John Dresko. He has also met confidentially with many seminary faculty and staff members interested in sharing their thoughts and suggestions. Additional meetings will be held after the beginning of the academic year to accommodate students who have been away for the summer.

Nominations and applications are still being accepted.

The committee anticipates completing its work and selecting final candidates for presentation to the full board of trustees at their November 2006 meeting.

Saint Vladimir’s Seminary serves the Church through theological education and scholarship. It educates future priests and Church leaders and contributes directly to Orthodox theology through the scholarly activities of its faculty.

The full announcement concerning the search committee is posted on the seminary’s web site at