Town Hall Meeting Schedule - Updated July 1, 2008

Date Day City Location Time Hierarch/PCC Rep
June 7 Saturday Ottawa, Canada Annunciation Cathedral 1-4 pm Archbishop Seraphim, Bishop Nikon, Fr. A. Jarmus
June 24 Tuesday Dallas, TX St. Seraphim Cathedral 3-5 pm Archbishop Dmitri, Fr. A. Garklavs
June 26 Thursday San Francisco, CA Holy Trinity Cathedral Start time 7 pm Bishop Benjamin, M. Jannakos
June 28 Saturday Washington, DC St. Nicholas Cathedral 1pm-4pm Metropolitan Herman, Fr. A. Garklavs, L. Morris
July 3 Thursday Edmonton, Canada St. Herman of Alaska Sobor 6-9 pm Archbishop Seraphim, Bishop Nikon, M. Jannakos
July 12 Saturday New York/Crestwood, NY St. Vladimir�s Seminary 3-6 pm Bishop Nikon, Fr. A. Garklavs, Fr. E. G. Tosi, Fr. A. Jarmus
July 17 Thursday Cleveland/Parma, OH Ridge Manor, Brooklyn, OH (St Theodosius Cathedral meeting facility) 6-9 pm Archbishop Job, Bishop Nikon, M. Jannakos
July 19 Saturday Bethlehem, PA St. Nicholas Church 10am-12pm Bishop Tikhon, Fr. A. Jarmus, E. Skuby
July 23 Wednesday Hartford, CT All Saints Church 7-10pm Bishop Nikon, Fr A. Jarmus
July 24 Thursday Chicago/Burr Ridge, IL Sts. Peter & Paul 7-10pm Archbishop Job, Fr. A Garklavs
July 31 Thursday Indianapolis, IN St. John the Forerunner 6-9pm Archbishop Job, M. Jannakos
July 31 Thursday Carnegie, PA Intercession of the Holy Virgin Church 7-9 pm Bishop Tikhon, Fr. A. Garklavs
August 2 Sat South River, NJ Sts. Peter & Paul Church Start time 10 am Metropolitan Herman, Fr. A. Jarmus
August 21 Thursday Boston, MA Holy Trinity Cathedral 6-9 pm Bishop Nikon, Fr. A. Garklavs
August 30 Saturday Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, FL Disney’s Contemporary Resort—this meeting is open to the public. 11 am-1 pm Metropolitan Herman, Fr. A. Jarmus