Treasurer Search Committee meeting held at OCA Chancery June 22, 2009

The committee charged with conducting the search for a new treasurer for the Orthodox Church in America met at the OCA Chancery here on Monday, June 22, 2009.

Taking part in the meeting were His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah; the Very Rev. Matthew Tate, chair, who also chairs the Metropolitan Council’s Finance Committee; the Very Rev. Alexander Garklavs, Chancellor; the Very Rev. Joseph Gallick, a member of the Metropolitan Council; Melanie Ringa; and the Rev. Michael Tassos, outgoing OCA Treasurer.

Committee members were briefed on the current financial status of the OCA and on the hiring process for Chancery administrative positions. Metropolitan Jonah spoke at length about the importance of clarity, competency, and professionalism in the position of treasurer. He appointed Father Michael, whose tenure ended June 1, 2009, as Acting Treasure pending the appointment of his replacement.

The Committee also conducted an exit interview with Father Michael and reviewed the current job description for the position of Treasurer. Proposed updates and changes to the job description were made, based on the input from Father Michael and the experience of the past several years. A copy of the job description with proposed revisions will be forwarded to the Holy Synod of Bishops and the Metropolitan Council for discussion and approval.

“Upon approval of a revised job description, we will make an official announcement about the search for a new OCA Treasurer,” said Father Matthew. “Applications will be accepted for a period of two weeks, after which time applicants will be reviewed.”

“Assuming that a suitable, qualified candidate is found,” Father Matthew continued, “the Committee will make its recommendation to the Holy Synod and the Metropolitan Council at their joint meeting in September 2009 for statutory approval. Until that time, Father Michael Tassos will maintain the duties of the office.”