Updated Diptychs Book now available from OCPC

The third edition of the Diptychs of the Orthodox Church in America has been published recently by the Office of History and Archives of the Orthodox Church in America.

The book lists the hierarchs, clergy, and noted laypersons who have served the Orthodox Church in America since 1794 and provides notations on the dates of their deaths. Earlier editions were published in 1969 and 1992.

In addition to listing individuals who had passed away during the past decade, the new edition amplifies and corrects some listings that had appeared in the previous two editions. Saints glorified since 1992 have also been placed in a special section of the book.

Copies of the Diptychs may be ordered for $9.95 plus 15% postage from Orthodox Christian Publications Center, PO Box 588, Wayne, NJ 07474-9505; telephone 973/331-9190; fax 973-331-9505.