Web Development Team begins OCA web site upgrade

Following an extensive review of Request for Proposal submissions and interviews of potential candidates, the Orthodox Church in America has engaged the services of a development team to upgrade its highly trafficked website.

Developing the site will be Priest John Schroedel, a highly experienced web developer and rector of Saint Juvenaly Mission, Kailua-Kona, HI. As owner of Orthodox Internet Services, Father John provides web hosting for hundreds of sites, and serves as Web Manager for Conciliar Media Ministries.

J. D. Graffam, owner of the web design firm Simple Focus, also joins the OCA web team as web designer. His comprehensive services focus on usability, function and aesthetics. In addition, the Orthodox logo design firm, John Burns Lettering and Design, has been commissioned to refine and update the OCA logo.

Two additional team members, Ryan Platte and Virginia Nieuwsma, began their duties as Tech Manager and web site Managing Editor respectively on January 3, 2011. Mr. Platte brings ten years of software development and web security management experience to the OCA, while Mrs. Nieuwsma’s twenty nine year editorial career has included serving Orthodox clients such as Conciliar Press, the Antiochian Archdiocese, and St. Vladimir’s Seminary.

“These four professionals round out the team, which also includes Archpriest John Matusiak, Senior Editor, and Jessica Linke, Chancery Assistant,” explains Archpriest Eric G. Tosi, OCA Secretary. “With the additional team members, work on the site has begun, and will continue through the first half of 2011. Visitors to www.oca.org can expect an upgrade that will increase the site’s overall usability,offer expanded resources and information, and more accurately represent the OCA of today.”