End-of-Summer activities from the Department of Christian Education

Saints in Times of Trouble, an activity book available from the Orthodox Church in America’s Department of Christian Education, offers Church schools and families the opportunity to study the lives of twelve beloved saints.

For each saint, the book offers a biography, an iconographic drawing, puzzles and activities, a map of the saint’s travels, journaling questions, a glossary, and more.

Four of these saints’ feastdays are celebrataed during the coming weeks and months Mother Maria Skobtsova (July 20), Olympias the Deaconess (July 25), Gorazd the New Martyr of Prague and Bohemia (August 22), and Aidan of Lindisfarne (August 31). While they represent different historical periods and lands, their lives are all intriguing and inspiring.

The book may be downloaded free of charge at http://dce.oca.org/assets/files/resources/saints-in-trouble.pdf.

Two addtional hands-on activities about “seeing” are also available on the DCE web site.