New Resource Handbook installment details music workshops for children

Music Workshop

Introducing Children to Hymnography through Iconography” by David Lucs is the latest article to be added to the OCA’s Resource Handbook for Ministries (Parish Development Section), published on-line by the Department of Christian Service and Humanitarian Aid.

Recognizing how music, and particularly Church music, can bring us closer to the divine, the author describes how “as windows into the Kingdom, hymns and icons reveal the glory and majesty of God.”  He is particularly concerned that children have the opportunity to see icons and hear hymns come alive in the Church and become a part of their daily lives.

To that end, Mr. Lucs has developed a workshop for children that he describes in detail.  While the workshop is prayerful by nature, it emphasizes the importance of “making it enjoyable” for children ages five to 15.  Reading the article, adults also might wish to attend, enjoy, and learn from such a workshop.

For a gallery of photos of a workshop recently conducted by Mr. Lucs in Wayne, NJ, visit [password icon.]