OCA youth director meets with OCF executive director

On Monday, July 24, Andrew Boyd, Youth Director for the Orthodox Church in America, met with Jennifer Nahas, Executive Director of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship [OCF], to discuss upcoming OCF events and projects for the fall semester and general strategies for campus ministry, the specific needs of the youth and young adults of the OCA, and possible areas of collaboration.

“It was my first meeting with Mrs. Nahas, and I was immediately impressed by her energy and enthusiasm not only for her work, but for partnering with the OCA,” said Mr. Boyd.”  “Beyond that, I am glad to know that we share the same mindset for campus ministry and for OCF.  That the organization exists to support and help local, grassroots ministry, not to be a cumbersome bureaucratic structure.”

During this meeting, the OCA also committed to support financially OCF with an annual $10,000.00 donation to be paid in quarterly installments.

“This donation is in line with what the Greek and Antiochian Archdioceses give out of their generosity,” Mr. Boyd noted.  “It appears as a line item in the OCA’s 2012 budget, and now we are ‘making good’ on our pledge. The donation is given in recognition of the hard work OCF has done and for continued encouragement to do everything possible to point our college students to Christ.  It is my hope that our regular donation will serve as a reminder and an example to our members to support the good work that OCF is doing.”

“I accept this gift with great gratitude and humility,” said Mrs. Nahas, “and I am overjoyed and excited to see the OCA support us so tangibly. I am also deeply grateful for the continued support and help, time and talent, that the OCA’s clergy and lay people give us ‘on the ground’ in so many campus ministry venues throughout the US and Canada, often without thanks or appreciation.”

In related news, OCF’s “First Forty Days” program concludes next week, but there is still time for clergy and lay leaders to get involved. This new program, launched this summer, is designed to help OCF communicate directly with new college students. For it to be successful, input is needed from parish leaders.

“The intent of this program is to foster direct, personal connections between OCF student leaders and new college students within that critical first forty days of college,” said Mrs. Nahas.  “We believe that reaching students then will be the next step towards a life-long relationship with Christ and His Church, but we need the help of local clergy and parish leaders to make this happen.” Priests and parish leaders will be able to submit names and contact information for new college students until July 31.  For additional information, please visit oca.org/news/headline-news/ocf-launches-first-forty-days-program-to-connect-with-incoming-college-fres.